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Creative Content + Digital Marketing Intern

Build content and community for a better planet!

Deedster is just another app. With planet-saving abilities. Our goal is to reduce carbon footprint of our users by developing the best app out there. Headquartered in Stockholm, Deedster is expanding rapidly and we are in the search for new talent to join our prestige-less and highly motivated team, to help us achieve our goal of making making the world's population fall in love with sustainable living. Step by step. Deed by deed.

In your role as an Creative Content + Digital Marketing Intern you will get the chance to engage in all parts of our creative processes. From concept and strategy, to creative content creation, to activly engaging with our community, and anlysing results. You also have the possibility to form your role to fit your specific learning goals.

Example of responsibilities

- Forming creative concepts

- Implementation and formation of digital marketing strategy

- Creative content creation

- Posting, monitoring and measuring our different channels

- Analyzing and testing

In this role you will get the chance to work with the most important question of our time - climate change. In addition, you will work at the core of our marketing team and have great impact on what our brand becomes going forward. We are a small team and your voice and opinions will be heard and highly valued.

You will have do a start meeting with your mentor here at Deedster and  bi-weekly check-ins do make sure your learning is on track. Unfourtunatly we can't offer compensation, instead we offer a great role and learning oppurtunity.

We are flexible, but would prefere if you can be here from January til June 2020.

What more?
We are a start-up! That means that if you also want to engage in programming, content, holding workshops, or other stuff, their is plenty of opportunities to do so.  

Please send your resume/portfolio to Agnes at as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!