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Take action for the climate

Deedster Challenge is the ultimate sustainability challenge for organisations
wanting to take action in the climate issue.

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The App
Deedster Challenge
How Does it work?

Climate action made easy and fun

Raise climate awareness throughout your organisation

Enhance sustainability knowledge among all co-workers by using Deedster’s tailored content created specifically for your organisation

Boost organisational culture through gamified climate action and exciting group challenges

"I do not think people know their climate footprint. Deedster makes you more aware of your footprint and gives you concrete suggestions on how to improve it. And it is really fun to compete!"
- Per Svärdson, CEO Apotea

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We are accelerating the world's transition towards sustainable lifestyles. Join us!

540 000

kg CO2e  reduced by our users

101 000

no of climate and sustainable actions taken by Deedsters

Education & Knowledge

Far-reaching global demands make it critical for businesses to understand the climate issue on a broader level. We educate your entire organisation with the use of the latest research and industry-specific content.

Real Climate Action

By using Deedster you and your co-workers will be nudged towards real climate action. Take the bike, eat a vegetarian lunch and travel by train. You get points for every step!

Climate gamification

Game is on! Divide the organisation in teams
and compete in most done deeds and saved CO2e.

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Adjustable and modern educational tool for sustainability

Team Culture

Social group challenge in a riveting gamification format

Performance Graph

Engaging user experience and state-of-the-art design

Centigo & Accigo saved 20 tons of CO2e

IT-consulting companies Centigo and Accigo saved a total amount of 20 tons of CO2e in the course of 4 weeks. Watch how they used Deedster as an engagement tool for their co-workers.

“Deedster makes it fun to be sustainable, and eliminates feelings of guilt and shame from the climate issue”

- Stephan Erhardt, Partner

How does Deedster Challenge work? 


Initial preparations

We guide you in setting up teams and structure within your organization. You decide the start date, as well as the duration of the challenge.



The Deedster team swings by your office to introduce Deedster Challenge. Here, our sustainability experts give an inspiring talk on climate change. This usually gets everyone motivated, and is an important and energizing boost for the upcoming weeks.


Real-time follow up

In the scoreboard view, you can track both your own, your team’s and the organisation’s progress in saving CO2e and number of deeds, real-time. In addition you’ll get a weekly report.


cross the finish line

The winning team is awarded and Deedster provides you with statistics and reports of your organisation’s progress.


It’s a never ending journey

Acting against climate change doesn’t stop here. We give you access to the Deedster app for a full year. This is because even though we are assured that an intense Deedster Challenge is a great way of boosting your organisation in sustainability, we also know that acting for the climate is more than that.

Steps for Deedster popular


Deedster's content, revised by climate experts

Real time follow up and weekly updates

Guide to setting up the organisation

12 months licens+ 4-6 weeks campaigns

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Sky is the limit

Deedster popular and

Workshops and tailoring of the app to your needs

Climate and nudging lecture by experts

Tailored coaching

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Our customers say

“The fact that we were so happy with ourDeedster Challenge that we did a short film about it says it all I guess. Seriously, this was a tremendous success. Bravo – to you, and us.”

- Deedster at Centigo

“So Deedster has been a true eye-opener for me.
I learned a lot and want to do more.”

- Deedster at SEB

“It’s been really fun and inspiring to take part in my organization’s Deedster Challenge. The app is a spot-on example on successful nudging in the sustainability area.”

- Deedster at Brunswick

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