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Sustainable living.
Step by step. Deed by deed.

Deedster makes it both fun and easy to live more sustainably.
Challenge your friends, mother in law or colleague in actions for the planet.

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Understand your baseline

Deedster's carbon footprint calculator gives you an overview on your consumption's impact on the planet. Compare with friends, colleagues or the Paris agreement.

Gain knowledge

Learn what you didn't know and shine with what you do know in Deedster's quiz. We will challenge you no matter if you are a total sustainability nerd or a curious beginner.

Act by doing deeds

Shower in the speed of light, shop vintage or start a sustainable savings account. In Deedster you can do hundreds of fun deeds, all while lowering your carbon footprint. In a winkof time you'll get new and more sustainable habits.

Be a role model

It's a done deed! Follow your progress towards a lower footprint. Compete with your friends or compare with the old you.

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