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User Terms for users who use Deedster at their workplace


User Users of the Deedster application.

Employers Employers who offer Deedster to their employees.

Deedster Application that measures carbon footprint and is available fordownload as a mobile application.

Terms of Use The scope of this agreement.

The Company Swedish Development Group 12 AB, Org.number: 559088-0422,


Deedster is a digital platform for sustainable consumption and lifestyle. Deedster helps its users adjust their consumption behavior to a more climate-smart life. Through an on-boarding process where Deedster makes a survey of the user's behavioral pattern, the user is presented with a personal carbon footprint. With this impression as a basis, the user is then challenged to perform "deeds", simple actions to take small steps towards a more climate-smart lifestyle.


These conditions govern the use of theDeedster application. By using Deedster you agree and accept these terms. If the User does not approve the terms, the user shall cease to use the application and delete it.

The Company reserves the right to adjust and update these Terms of Use. Any such adjustment will be available inDeedster and through your continued use of the application you agree to the updated Terms of Use.


To be able to use Deedster you must go through a registration process and answer a number of questions about yourself.This is for you to be able to use all the functions in Deedster. In order for you to be able to utilize all the functions in Deedster, it is important that you provide as accurate and updated information as possible.


The company hereby grants you anon-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, limited license to access and use the Company's software. Deedster is made available to you through a mobile application. The company will from time to time update the application and each such update is included in the license described here. You may not transfer rights or access to Deedster.


It is expressly prohibited to modify, reproduce, duplicate, copy, print, translate, transmit, distribute, sell, rent, borrow or otherwise exploit the contents of Deedster for commercial purposes without written permission of the Company. All material in Deedster is protected by copyright law and other statutory protection.

You may only use Deedster for the express purpose described above.


You are responsible for maintaining the security of login information required for access to Deedster and not sharing such information with third parties. You are responsible for keeping your password secret, which together with your username, constitutes your login details to Deedster.

You may not use any other person's information or log in to an account that is not intended for you. You are always responsible for your account, regardless of whether someone else has used it, with or without your permission. It is prohibited to copy other User's user data, use them or forward them. If you find that someone has used your account details, immediately contact the Company ( You are responsible for entering correct user information when you register atDeedster. You are not allowed to enter false information about yourself or another user. Users who violate the agreement may be suspended from Deedster at any time and without notice, and their account deleted.


The information you share in Deedster regarding your life patterns will be handled in confidentiality by the Company.

 If you are using Deedster as part of a team representing an employer, some tasks will be used to generate statistics that could be delivered to your Employer. All statistics are handled by the Company and delivered to the Employer. The information is anonymised and aggregated, which means that your employer will not see neither your own nor any other individual’s specific data.

To create a gamified user experience, information about you and your personal performance will be shared with the individuals within your team in Deedster. The information shared is your selected user name, your personal photo (if you have chosen to provide one),number of deeds completed, what chapter you are currently on and your rank within your team.

This information will be exposed in the leader board of Deedster, which means that you can also see the same info of the users within your own team.  

The company complies with the rules which, according to the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR), intend to protect the user's integrity. The personal data policy contains information on how we treat your personal data and how we protect your privacy when using Deedster. By accepting these Terms of Use, you consent to the processing of your personal information as stated in our Privacy Policy.


Deedster is free for you.


The Company strives for Deedster to be free from technical errors, but unfortunately cannot guarantee this. The Company cannot guarantee that Deedster works flawlessly in all situations. Functions cane.g. in case of occasional shutdowns for maintenance, updating or for other reasons be out of order. 


The information provided in Deedster, such as questions, answers, deeds and recommendations, has been designed based on the best intention and on the basis of the overall purpose of reducing the climate impact. The company has involved and consulted experts and latest research. The Company continuously updates the information in Deedster to make it as accurate as possible. However, the Company cannot guarantee complete accuracy or correctness regarding all information presented in Deedster.


You may not assign, license, sublicense or otherwise transfer any of your rights under these Terms of Use. 


You will have access to Deedster as long as your employer and the Company have a validagreement regarding user license for Deedster.

Privacy Policy

Deedster ("Deedster") is an application that is provided by Swedish Development Group 12 AB, Org. Number:559088-0422 ("The Company"). The Company is responsible for personaldata in accordance with these terms and conditions and is responsible for ensuring that treatment takes place in accordance with applicable legislation.It is important that you read this policy before using Deedster.

Personal data processing includes all handling of personal data, such as collection, analysis, registration and storage. The person responsible for personal data is the person who alone or together with others determines the purpose and means for the processing of the personal data and who is responsible for such treatment being done in accordance with applicable legislation. 


Deedster - The application that measures carbon footprint and is available for download as a mobile application.

The Company – Swedish Development Group 12 AB, Orgnumber: 559088-0422,


For us it is important to use your personaldata in a safe and responsible manner. We therefore want to inform about what information you share with us and what we do with that information.

In order for us to be able to offer our services through Deedster, you share information about yourself. The Company registers personal data when you download and start the application Deedster, or by becoming a customer of the Company. We will then ask you to provide information that we collect regarding:

• Information about you - for example your name, age, your email address and your password.

• Information about your lifestyle - for example your accommodation, your electricity contracts and your travel routines.If you have a car, we might collect information about it.

 We collect the above information so that we can calculate your carbon footprint in Deedster. The more detailed information you provide in Deedster, the more accurate carbon footprint Deedster can calculate for you. Through the information collected about you, Deedster will also generate a user experience with more personal CO2-saving micro tasks (deeds).



We can share information with others who process data on our behalf so that we can deliver a thoughtful application to our users. However, in all handling of personal data, high security and confidentiality is always observed. The Company only cooperates with partners who process personal data within the EU/EEA or with companies that maintain the same level of protection as in the EU/EEA by, for example, having joined thePrivacy Shield agreement between the EU and the United States.

The company will provide statistics to your employer regarding how you and your colleagues as a team use Deedster and perform assignments, ‘deeds’. The information is anonymised and aggregated, which means that your employer will not see neither your own nor any other individual’s specific data.


When you submit information to the Company, you give your permission that we handle your information. As a legal basis for the handling, the Company will refer to the fulfillment of the agreement and legitimate interest. If the Company uses a legitimate interest as a basis, it will only be done for tailored offerings. An example of a tailored offering can be an opportunity to test a new climate smart product or service.


We process personal data in accordance with applicable legislation, such as GDPR. We will not save your personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the agreement.

For marketing purposes, we treat your personal information with legitimate interest. We will save your email address for mailing. Only information that is not older than 36 months from the time you ceased to be a customer will be saved. Data is deleted when no longer necessary for analyses or tailored offerings.


You have a number of rights in relation to the personal data we store. You can request that your information is deleted or that its use is limited by contacting us at You can at any time refrain from receiving direct marketing communications from theCompany by unsubscribing to the news posting.


We treat your personal data mainly for the purposes listed below, and for any additional purposes stated at the time of collection

• To provide Deedster to you as a user

• To personalize and enhance your experience of Deedster

• To send you notifications and electronic communications (such as SMS, push or email) or otherwise

• To send you newsletters via email

• To inform you about our updates of Deedster and Terms of Use or Privacy Policy

• To improve and develop Deedster and new services and products, and to analyse your use of Deedster

• To ensure the technical functionality ofDeedster

• To prevent use of the application in violation of the terms of use of Deedster and to prevent and investigate misuse of the application

• To generate statistics for the"leader board" that is published in Deedster

• To generate statistics that is anonymized, aggregated and shared with you employer

• To generate statistics that is anonymized, aggregated and published on



We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose personal information beyond what is stated in this Privacy Policy, unless we are required to do so as a result of a court order or our express consent to such disclosure.


This does not exclude that we can use personal data assistants who process personal data on our behalf in accordance with written personal data assistance agreements and our instructions. Personaldata assistants who gain access to your personal data, for example, when we use a third party to obtain address information or store information on a server, are not given the right to use your personal data for purposes other than the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.